History of Biossol


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Biossol's Old Factory Picture from the Early 60's

Biossol was founded in February 16, 1940. The founders Spyridon and Dionysios Svoronos combined the assets of the Anagnostou tube mill that they had recently acquired with the manufacturing activities undertaken by their families since 1886. The Anagnostou tube mill had been founded eight years earlier and was based in Kallithea.

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Industrial Building (1949)

The new company started the construction of a factory on 254 Piraeus street, in Athens's industrial area to use it as its new headquarters. The new design was attributed to Solon Kydoniatis a famous architect and member of the Greek academy and it now stands as a defining moment in the history of contemporary Greek architecture being, as it is, a landmark in the city's industrial landscape.

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Plan of the Original facade (1950)

The founders' plans to move into the new premises on completion of work never came off, as the country joined the rest of Europe during the 2nd World War and the building was requisitioned by the Greek army, and later on by the enemy or allied forces to be used as a bunker or a storehouse. After the end or the war, Biossol group moves into the building and has, since 1947, used its new premises to set off on a long path of development and expansion under the management of Mr. Nicolaos Svoronos. In the 1950's the company starts investing heavily in tube making as it slowly comes to realize that stronger competition and advanced technology call for the construction of larger, more powerful and more efficient industrial units.

Biossol's Greek Logo

ΣA milestone in the history of the company was its decision to form a business alliance with IZOLA, sharing in the development of joint business ventures, and merge the operating divisions of both companies. The move gave birth to three different companies under the names of IB United Tubes Mills, Lavreotiki and Elinox, spinning off from the merger of its tube-construction, foundry and boiler construction divisions. IB merged with the tube works of the Viohalko group in 1973 to form IBS United Tube Mills. These companies eventually broke way from the mother company of Biossol and went on to chart their own course. In 1993, Elinox was taken over by Biossol and has been part of it ever since.



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In 1960 Biossol Introduces Metal Scaffolding

In 1960 Biossol introduces steel scaffolding into the Greek market, thus marking the beginning of a new chapter in the company's history. Steel scaffolding quickly becomes a must for all major construction projects inspiring safety and contributing to higher efficiency. The company soon becomes a household name in metal scaffolding but is forced to delicate operations to a subsidiary company under the name of Biossol Construction Equipment S.A. due to changing conditions in most worksites in Greece which meant a radical shift in the company manner of operating and thinking.

Runtal Type Radiator

Biossol has taken up an active role in the Heating Business since the 1960's. It has been manufacturing decorative radiators in Greece under license from the Swiss firm Runtal while trading in boilers, burners and circulators at the same time. The products are well known for their superior quality and style and are fast becoming part of every modern Greek household.

Athens Stock Exchange
The company went public on August 30, 1972, with an initial offer of 219.240 shares. The market capitalization of the company at its entry level price was ste at 139 million drachmae.
Biossol's Modern factory in Volos

The foundations for Biossol's new factory were laid in 1974 in the industrial area of Volos. The new custom-built unit was spacious enough to take up the overspill from the company's old and cramped headquarters in Piraeus street and has, been able to meet the challenges of the firm's rapid growth rate with new extensions added to accommodate increased demand. These days, Volos's privately owned industrial complex sprawls over 64.000 sq. meters and the factory buildings cover an area of 16.000 sq. meters including 900 sq. meters of exhibition and office space, taking up a whole construction block right in the middle of the city's industrial zone.



Air Handling Unit
In the mid 70's, the company sets up its central air-conditioning manufacturing unit with the production of fan coils and unit heaters. Neovent, an air- handling unit and air conditioner manufacturer was taken over in the early eighties in a move to complement Biossol's product range ensuring a continued period of growth and success for the company.
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Biossol's Europanel.
At the turn of the nineties, Biossol is the first Greek firm to invest in PANEL radiator technology bound to supersede traditional radiators after setting its sights firmly on gaining the share of the Greek panel radiator market. Elinox, a boiler and stainless steel sink manufacturer, was taken over by Biossol in 1993 and its operations were subsequently integrated into Biossol's manufacturing operations.
The Center of the Hellenic World

In 1996 Biossol's old premises were sold to the Foundation of the Hellenic World and has thereby been used to accommodate the ""Center of the Hellenic World" a major center for virtual reality archeological presentation and diverse cultural activities. Biossol transferred its remaining manufacturing operations to the Volos's complex.


Ifestos Logo

Under a decision taken by the company's board in the beginning of the year 2001, the company participated in a franchising scheme aiming to develop a network of retail outlets for heating and air conditioning products under the Ifestos brand name. This venture did not proceed beyond the first seven stores.


July 2003, Biossol and American Standard Europe -on behalf of the subsidiary company TRANE- signed an O.E.M. five year cooperation agreement for the production of the air handling units for the regional market. TRANE is one of the most powerful multinational companies in the field of air conditioning. Based on this agreement BIOSSOL manufactures Air-Handling Units and TRANE is responsible for their distribution. This arrangement was discontinued at the end of the of the five year agreement in 2008. 

In 2006 it was decided that manufacturing production should be downsized and concentrated only to products for which there is an important advantage to have local production activities. At the same time the company started to cooperate with a large network of subcontractors in low labor cost countries. Eventually manufacturing of Heating and Air Conditioning products was discontinued.

Also the company stated for the first time the goal to establish a Holding company and to diversify into more advantageous sectors. These goals were first realized with the acquisition of Culligan Hellas in 2007-2008