Business Segments

Unibios SA emerged in June 2008 from the transformation of Biossol SA, a historical industrial company, into a Holding company. The new name of the company better expresses its new vision and scope of activities and its transformation from a company engaged in the traditional segments of buildings’ construction into a Group that focuses on technologies for the sustainable and responsible use of water, energy and the Green Economy.

Unibios’ main subsidiary is Watera International, registered in Luxembourg. Watera International has integrated all activities developed by the group in the are of water treatment and water re-cycling. The company is present through its operating subsidiaries in five countries of the European Union and has installed water treatment systems in many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA zone). Water is the most important natural resource for human life and economic activity, an element of competition and a determining factor for growth. Watera International is active in the field of water treatment to offer solutions to the problems of water scarcity. Water quality degradation is a global phenomenon and consequently water treatment services and know-how are utilized in a wide range of geographical areas.

Biosol Construction Tools is active in the field of providing solutions at civil engineering construction sites. The company is well known for its long history in the field of installation and rental of facade scaffolding. The development model of Biosol Construction Tools is based on the provision of a wider package of services and products in the field of construction tools and is significantly superior to the competition in the quality of services offered, both at the construction site level and in the design and scientific support of appropriate solutions. .