Sustainability in Practice

Unibios, with its origins in heating and air conditioning located in Greece has evolved into an Investment Group with an international presence and activities in the fields of Green Economy and Environment technologies and solutions.

Today, Unibios has developed an array of capabilities that can effectively address all challenges and exploit all opportunities of our times. The path to success is evolutionary and requires a competitive approach, flexibility, insight and boldness.

The Unibios Group operates through pioneering subsidiaries, which are the means to fulfilling its business objectives.

Our vision

The rapid changes in the global environment, combined with the continuous decline of water quality, the need to conserve resources through effective recycling, the pursuit of energy self-sufficiency while also preserving the environment, create an ever more urgent need for new technological solutions in these fields of the Green Economy.

Both in the near and the distant future, these areas will become increasingly important not only for viable economic growth but also for the survival of mankind. In addition, they form the basis for sustainable development.

Within this framework, Unibios Holdings aspires to play a leading role implementing a strategic growth plan that aims at the effective exploitation of investment opportunities that arise in these new markets of the Green Economy.

Our philosophy

At Unibios we are aware that no vision can be realized without a business philosophy focusing on growth. For this reason, we are moving systematically and consistently creating the appropriate business and organizational structures and processes that will most effectively support the realization of our vision and our commitment to sustainability in practice.

Within this framework we combine elements that share the same vision and goals with us, and we engage in strategic partnerships with international players and organizations that provide the required warrantees to support and enhance our commitment to sustainable development, which is the quintessence of our philosophy.

Our aim is to expand our business in the world market, as only the development of international operations can ensure long-term growth and prospects.

Our commitment

The achievement of business objectives requires a well prepared and structured development plan Unibios has drawn an ambitious strategic international plan, that lays the foundations for creating a solid Business Group able to take advantage of growth opportunities into the 21st century by:

  • Investing in know-how and specialized expertise
  • Adopting and promoting innovative technologies and solutions
  • Taking advantage of economies of scale and scope

The basis of Unibios development plan is the basis of success. This success is guaranteed by the integrity and effectiveness of its strategy.