General Information

Share Trading

Unibios Holdings has been trading on the Athens Stock Exchange with the symbol BIOSK (ΒΙΟΣΚ) since 1972.
The symbol for the company in the main financial information providers is VILr.AT in REUTERS and BIOSK:GA in BLOOMBERG.
In the non-regulated market of Berlin (Börse Berlin, Segment Open Market) Unibios Holdings is referred to by the symbol BEXQ.
Also, the company reference code on the London Stock Exchange website (service SETSqx, SSX4 segment) is 0RMW.

Unibios Holdings address is 1st and 18th Street, BIO.PA. Ano Liosion, Fili 13341, Greece. Telephone number +30-210-6037030.

Mr. Antonios P. Svoronos is responsible for the communication with investors and shareholders and he  can be contacted at the above address and phone number.

The Board of Directors of Unibios Holdings is structured as follows:

  1. Antonios Svoronos, President, Executive Director
  2. Orfeas Mavrikios, Managing Director (CEO), Executive Director
  3. Kyriacos Papathanasiou, Executive Member, Group Financial Director
  4. Georgios Papathanasiou, Vice-President, Independent Non-Executive Director
  5. Ioannis Methodios, Non-Executive Director
  6. Ioannis Xifaras, Independent Non-Executive Director
  7. Maria Bourla, Independent Non-Executive Director

       Shareholder Meeting 18-02-2022

Information About the Upcoming Shareholder Meeting on 18-02-2022

Invitation, Agenda and Shareholder Rights

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